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Welcome to David Brodziak Custom Knives website!

Your first stop should be our current Knives In Stock. This is updated regularly to allow everyone to see what we have in stock that is currently available for purchase. Please contact us if you would like prices or any additional details for these items.

All of the usual knife galleries can be viewed here.
David Brodziak Shark Fillet Knife
This site is to show some of the fine custom knives created by David Brodziak. You will also find a fine collection of knives that are made by David and painted by Carol Ann O'Connor in their home town of Albany, Western Australia. To read more about David or Carol and their backgrounds, please click the links or here.

The FAQ section will hopefully answer some of the questions about David and his knives, and to answer some other general queries that we tend to receive from everyone from time to time. Questions such as prices and materials used etc. will be answered, but for more detailed queries please contact us. There is also a fishing album where we show off some of the catches that didn't get away.
One section that we hope to keep updated, is the gallery album that shows some of Carol Ann O'Connor's fine artwork. These fantastically detailed pieces are all intricately painted by Carol over a number of months. You can view them here. A large portion of Carol's work with David can be seen in the Collectors album

We have tried to display a good selection of the types and styles of knives that David has created and still has available. If there is anything specific you wish to see or any general queries regarding the knives or anything else, please feel free to contact us.

If this is your first visit to our site, then welcome and we hope to see you again. If not - welcome back and have a squiz around - there is some new stuff here and there, but all worth a look.
David Brodziak Dinosaur Bone Knife