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Video :: The Beginner's Guide to the Custom-Made Knife

Garry Wood


David Brodziak is an established full-time Australian knifemaker of note, who plies his art in the south coast Western Australian port of Albany. An Award-winning artisan, David attends art, craft and custom shows across the nation and has developed in recent times a significant export market to discerning collectors overseas. Art and fantasy bladeware aside, David produces on average a knife a day to satisfy orders and prepare for show display tables. He also has knives permanently displayed for sale in selected art & craft venues around the state.

Not all of David's creative pieces command high price tags. He has an excellent reputation for producing stylish practical knives for all sorts of applications. To be a full-time maker you need to be both versatile and efficient, but above all, the finished product must be top quality. David meets that criteria. Although a collector's item, this video is directed at the aspiring knifemaker who wants to know what knifemaking is about and how to get started.

This knifemaking video is available from us at AUD$30 + postage.
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